Student Discount at OnePlus Shop Including a OnePlus 5

If you are a student looking for a new OnePlus 5, or any items from the OnePlus Shop, register for the OnePlus Student Program for 10% off your next order.

However, things aren’t as simple as giving OnePlus your student email; you have to verify your student status at Student Beans. This means the 10% discount is available to students in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, and the USA.

I am a student so I thought I would see how easy this process was. It was as simple as registering an account with Student Beans (Facebook log-in is available) then logging in to the OnePlus site.

OnePlus needs to access your Student Beans account to verify your student status, but as long as you received the verification email and clicked the link, this step should be smooth.

My OnePlus 5 will be arriving next week with a backpack from OnePlus. The OnePlus Travel Backpack looks sleek, but there are no pictures of the inside on the OnePlus store site so I thought I would get a look inside for myself and for all of you.

I’m also looking forward to comparing my OnePlus 3T I bought earlier this year to the OnePlus 5. With increased RAM and a second rear-facing camera, this should be interesting.