Student Discount at OnePlus Shop Including a OnePlus 5

If you are a student looking for a new OnePlus 5, or any items from the OnePlus Shop, register for the OnePlus Student Program for 10% off your next order.

However, things aren’t as simple as giving OnePlus your student email; you have to verify your student status at Student Beans. This means the 10% discount is available to students in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, and the USA.

I am a student so I thought I would see how easy this process was. It was as simple as registering an account with Student Beans (Facebook log-in is available) then logging in to the OnePlus site.

OnePlus needs to access your Student Beans account to verify your student status, but as long as you received the verification email and clicked the link, this step should be smooth.

My OnePlus 5 will be arriving next week with a backpack from OnePlus. The OnePlus Travel Backpack looks sleek, but there are no pictures of the inside on the OnePlus store site so I thought I would get a look inside for myself and for all of you.

I’m also looking forward to comparing my OnePlus 3T I bought earlier this year to the OnePlus 5. With increased RAM and a second rear-facing camera, this should be interesting.

Android 7.1.1 Is Here For OnePlus 3 and 3T Users

OnePlus released the beta for their newest OS version, OxygenOS 4, to the public at the end of March. This beta offered the first look at Android 7.1.1 to OnePlus 3 and 3T Users.

A few minutes ago I received a notification to download a system update on my OnePlus 3T. Now it’s ready to install so let’s see what it will do.

Like I mentioned in my post about the Google Assistant arriving to Android 6 and 7 phones, this update to OxygenOS 4 is yet another step closer to making the OnePlus 3T equal to Google’s Pixel but for a fraction of the cost.


The first thing I’ve noticed is the home screen is now a 5 x 5 grid versus a 4 x 5 grid before. Apps still show in a 4 x 5 grid in the app drawer. This also means neither the home screen nor the app drawer are customizable to different grid sizes.

Another change to the home screen is how the home screen settings are shown. “Customize” used to include both the icon size/design and the gestures (shelf, up and down).

Well, “customize” now only allows changing the icon size and shape. Turning on the shelf, enabling swiping down for the notifications tray, and swiping up for a shortcut to a Google search are now split into a fourth option:  “settings”.

The last change I’ve been able to observe is the change to screenshots.

Google Assistant is Here

I woke up Saturday morning to find a special notification on my phone.


Google Assistant is here for OnePlus 3T users! Or at least some of us, but definitely for my phone.

My post about Google announcing the Assistant was on its way to Android phones running 6.0 Marshmallow and 7.0 Nougat mentioned the Google Assistant is activated in a couple ways. One way is by saying “Ok Google” like I would activate Google Now.

The other, and less battery draining method, is doing a long-press on the home button. This action already had a function on the OnePlus 3T so I wasn’t sure if Google Assistant would be activated this way.

Well, long-pressing the home button activates Google Assistant. Initially, Google Assistant simply listens for me to say something like “How old are you?” to which it will either respond to my question or open an app.

Before Assistant was available on my phone, long-pressing did a search of whatever was on my screen, and this function is still available with Assistant, you just have to scroll up after activating Assistant.

Google announced the official start of rolling out the Google Assistant on March 2 and my phone didn’t get the Assistant until March 10. If your phone is running Android 6.0 or 7.0 but doesn’t have the Assistant yet, don’t fret, it will be available on your phone soon enough.

Even if you have a UI or OS from the phone company (like ZenUI on ZenFones) you will still get the update because this is an update to Google Play Services instead of an update to the Android OS.