The world of triathlon, gadgets, and award travel


My name is Ryan Thompsen and I’m from California. I started this website to spread what I have learned about credit cards and award travel, while also sharing my experiences training for and racing in triathlons and testing different equipment to help me train and analyze my efforts.

While swimming on a summer league in high school I raced my first triathlon, a kid’s triathlon – super sprint distance – and I was hooked and did a few more triathlons in the following year. I started learning about different watches and bike frames, helmets and pedals, and other devices people use to analyze their training and performance during races. And I wanted in on it, so I started testing these devices, first fitness watches and heart rate monitors, then smartwatches and other trinkets.

An Ironman distance race (140.6 miles total) is the epitome of triathlon racing for almost all triathletes and I knew I wanted to tackle all the distances of triathlon, from sprint to full iron, but running was always my weakest link. To ensure I would be capable of finishing a full Ironman, I tasked myself with completing a full marathon, and getting good at endurance races.

Between triathlon and running races, I knew I would run out of races in my home state of California so I wanted to travel the world by racing in as many locations as I could. This goal of mine led me to researching award travel, using credit card earnings and sign up bonuses to pay for my transportation and hotels to make my dream come true at a fraction of the cost.