Complimentary VIP at Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco

United Airlines emailed me yesterday morning to invite me to register for complimentary VIP benefits of I was registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll (RNR) San Francisco race.

Good news! I am registered to run RNR San Francisco so I signed up for the pre- and post-race VIP benefits.

Now, if you are also registered for this race but did not buy either of the VIP packages, RNR probably sent you a few emails telling you to buy the VIP benefit packages for $59 or $89. Because I know I was.

From United:

  • One invitation to the MileagePlus pre-race hospitality at the Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant on Sunday, March 26, 2017 from 4:30 a.m. to 6:15 a.m. Invitation is available to recipient (runner only) and is non-transferable
    • Light breakfast and hot beverages
    • Private baggage drop-off
    • Private restrooms
    • Private shuttle to start corrals
  • Up to two invitations (runner and a guest) to the post-race hospitality at the VIP tent inside the finish line festival on Sunday, March 26, 2017 beginning post-race to 11:00 a.m. The recipient (runner) and a guest must have individual invitations for each entry. Invitations are non-transferable.
    • Accessible location near the finish line
    • Brunch and beverage service
    • Runner amenities including private baggage pickup and more
    • Private shuttle back to parking at Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

Buying the VIP packages from RNR you’ll get:

    • Continental Breakfast
      • Pre-race coffee service and breakfast bag to include fruit and breakfast bread.
    • Private Restrooms
      • available only to VIP participants at the start.
    • Private Gear Check
      • Avoid the crowds with private VIP gear check located at the VIP area at the start.
    • Reserved Parking
      • Reserved VIP parking at the finish line with a VIP shuttle to the start line pre-race.
      • *You will receive a parking pass in your VIP packet with detailed directions to the reserved VIP parking area.
    • VIP Shuttle
      • *VIP Shuttles available pre-race from the finish line parking area will have one departure time at 5:00 am to the start line VIP area. You may catch later shuttles located at Civic Center Plaza with non-VIP participants.
      • *After the start of the race, VIP shuttles from the start to the finish line VIP Area will depart at 7:15 am. You will meet in the VIP area and directed to this shuttle.
      • *There will be no post-race shuttles returning to the start line area.
  • Full VIP Package AMENITIES
    • The same as the Pre-Race Only package plus the following
    • Catered Buffet
      • Post-race catered brunch buffet
    • Post-Race Massage
      • Massages will be available post-race and will be provided by Psoas Massage + Bodywork.
      • Massages are limited to 10 minutes max per person and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Due to high demand, there may be a wait list during peak times.
    • Yoga Stretching
      • Post-race stretching area available.
    • Private Restrooms
      • Post race private portable restrooms.
    • Post-Race Changing Tents
      • Changing tents will be available post-race in the VIP area.
    • VIP Bar
      • Post-race hosted VIP Bar offering Michelob Ultra, Gatorade, and mimosas.

To sum this all up, United offered up to 180 people the chance to register for the full VIP benefits that would cost $89 through Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The email, which can be found below, gives locations and times for the benefits with what is offered. Whereas the RNR website lists each VIP benefit individually with an extra sentence or two to make the VIP packages more enticing.

Overall, I thought it was great United offered these VIP packages to their Frequent Flyer members for free instead of restricting this offer to people with status or United MileagePlus credit card holders.

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